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Prince Get Off

"I'm Prince Caspian." (said very dramatically) William Mosley (Peter) "No you aren't. Get Off!"~ Ben Barnes (Caspian) Always makes me laugh so hard!!!!!



Prince: His Life in Pictures | 1991 | Wearing a see through yellow jumpsuit, Prince performs "Get Off" at the MTV Music Video Awards.


Under the Cherry Moon - movie was horrible, but funny! The part where he climbs the ladder up to (what he thought) was Mary's window as the uh... "pizza guy" lol and it's the wrong window. He runs off and says, "f it!!!" leaving the ladder behind and everything because he and Tricky were about to get noticed by the guards. I cracked up so hard the first time I saw that scene.

(04/21/16) What the HELL just happened to my BEAUTIFUL BABY!!!! I'm HEARTBROKEN going NUTS over LOSING the LOVE OF MY LIFE while VULTURES fight over his MONEY!!! Yes, MONEY!!! Would have KILLED scores of PEOPLE just to HOLD HIS HAND--a SERIAL KILLER on DEATH ROW!!! DAMN that MONEY!!! I'll NEVER get OVER him!!! He has a HOLD on me I can never UNDERSTAND...

from ELLE

Remembering Prince's Revolutionary Style

From his earliest days in the public eye back in the '70s, Prince awed audiences with his dynamic, vivid fashion sense and his dizzying array of looks. Always iconoclastic, never dull, take a look back at The Artist's ever-colorful, often daring, always stylish looks.