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Can answer only for myself and some friends..tis true...but I sure would like some flowers now and then. A man asked me to marry him (5 different times over the years) but never a card, never a flower, Not even "I like you" Wonder why I didn't say yes? but


Most schools do not consider teen dating violence a high-priority issue, according to a new study. Parents sending their children back to school can do so more confidently when informed about what schools are and aren't equipped to handle.


When a man is truly interested in you, there will be no need for you to do the pursuing. Men are born to pursue women. Yes, you can pursue a man if yo want to, but in most cases that's just an obvious sign that he's not into you. Its not natural for a man to sit back and let the woman do all the work. For a man who claims to like you to sit back and allow you to do all of the calling, texting, dating arrangements, talks about the future etc. Its pretty obvious where you stand in that man's…


Excerpt from the upcoming book #ReflectionsOfAMan by Mr. Amari Soul New Release Date: February 14, 2015 Feel free to share!


Sometimes there's reasons people do the things they may not be clear right now...but eventually it'll all make sense....:-)

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25 Heart-Wrenching Quotes For When It's Time To Walk Away (For Good)

Don't ever let someone make you feel like you're second rate. | "My mistake was making you a priority, when I was your second choice."


amandaonwriting: Writing Prompt – They met in...

Mahlon and I weren't your typical teen couple. Sure we were madly in love but ours would last. We were 17 when we met in the sports section of the library. He was wearing athletic shorts, a skin tight t-shirt, and indoor cleats. I was wearing jeans, a green and gold Barcelona jersey and indoor cleats. We literally bumped into each other as I was texting my friend about meeting at the soccer field. From then on most of our dates were at the library or a soccer field. We were the perfect…