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North Brother Island. Once home to Riverside Hospital and Typhoid Mary. A former childrens' ward was converted to a library when Riverside became a rehabilitation hospital, 2008.


The Eastern State Penitentiary is located in Philadelphia PA. The Penitentiary, built in the 1820's-30's, is a National Historic Landmark now open to the public and is run by a non profit group who offer guided and unguided tours of the old prison.


Ohio State Reformatory. Now closed down it is being preserved by conducting tours to raise money. Still has the largest standing cell block and the location for film makers. I can't even imagine what it would be like to have to be locked up in a place like this


Prison- One of the best locations in case of a zombie apoc. For one of two reasons: 1. Completely enclosed 2. Outside enclosed yard perfect for farming


"Stings doesn't it? It's isolated to your DNA. So - while I can walk through these lasers just like that. If you so much as touch them, you'll be temporarily paralyzed and the force will throw you back into the room. In short, don't try to leave. It will be painful and fruitless."


Shawshank prison, Mansfield, OH. Love the staircase and tile. Place where the movie "Shawshank Redemption" was filmed


The jail cell of St Peter and Paul before their executions. They baptized fellow prisoners and their guards here. Located underground at the mermitime museum near the roman forum over 2500 years old, it was perhaps originally a sistern. Said to be the place where Paul wrote his letters to the Ephesians. Take a container to take water from the adjacent holy spring, thought to be the source of the baptism water for the jailers.