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7 Things You Need to Know About Private Student Loans

When you realize you will have to take out loans to finance your college education, your best bet is to take out Federal loans because you are afforded protections that you are not otherwise granted with private loans.


Private Loans vs. Your Bank - Know the Differences and Take Full Advantage - Infographic

Did you know that you can consolidate federal and private student loans into one loan and lower your monthly payments? Learn how and if it's right for you.

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Everything You Need to Know About Private Student Loans

Private student loans are a touchy subject but are completely necessary in some situations. Before you sign the dotted line here's everything you need to know about private student loans for college.

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What Are Your Options For Refinancing Parent PLUS Loans

In the past, there weren’t a lot of options when it came to refinancing Parent Plus loans. But recently a number of private loan providers started offering new products to address parents who are looking to refinance Parent PLUS loans.

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ITT Technical Institute to Close After Government Cuts Off New Funding

I hope all for-profit education shut down and the rest, public and private, drastically reduce education cost. Government subsides and private loans are the root cause of increased cost. If borrowers were allowed to file for bankruptcy just like for any other debt, with school partially responsible for the debt, cost would be much lower and students will learn only what they need to succeed. As it is, they are stuck in unrelated dead-end and low pay service with mountains of debt.

Can you consolidate private and federal student loans? Learn more about federal…

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The Right Way to Consolidate Your Student Loans

How to consolidate your federal and private student loans without falling victim to student loan scams.