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Interactive and hands-on coping strategies for kids and young adults

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Hygiene Puzzles for Special Education

Students can increase their vocabulary and learn about hygiene with these 2 piece puzzles! Perfect for teaching functional skills to students with disabilities!

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Socratic Soccer Ball! A fun English Language Arts game and active way to do Socratic Seminars

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Link by Link: Social Skills and Perspective Taking Activities

Link by Link is a small group counseling activity for grade 3-6. Students create links that get chained together to show how our emotions are connected to our reactions and those also connected to what other people think. Students can practice breaking chains and replacing links for other reactions or thoughts. Specifically, it focuses on teaching the connection between our emotions and physical reactions. Social Emotion Workshop.

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F1 To F12: Here’s How Function Keys Serve As Time-Saving Shortcuts Everyone Should Know – DIY Hilfe

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9 Best Apps and Sites to Improve Executive Function - "Executive function -- how to plan, organize, remember, and carry out tasks –- is tied closely to success in school and life. Many kids struggle with these skills, and for some kids, they present significant challenges. These apps and sites can help get them on the right path."

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PE Sport Station Activities: The Exploring Stations PE & Sport Skills Grades K-3

We've got 60 of the best, most exciting PE and Sport skill stations for your grades K-3 to explore on, complete with printable station cards and score sheets!

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Executive Functioning Issues: What You’re Seeing in Your Grade-Schooler

Executive functioning issues can make things like planning and organization especially tough for kids. And that can cause trouble for grade-schoolers at home and at school.

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