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"-¿Que es lo que más te asusta en el mundo? -Neville movió los labios, pero no no dijo nada-. Perdona, Neville, pero no he entendido lo que has dicho -dijo el profesor Lupin, sin enfadarse. Neville miró a su alrededor, con ojos despavoridos, como implorando ayuda, luego dijo en un susurro: -El profesor Snape."

Harry Potter talks with Remus Lupin on the Bridge.....................Prisoner of Azkaban is BY FAR my favorite Harry Potter movie, largely because I feel that it is the best visually speaking. Actually, it is one of my favorite looking live action films's the closest they ever came to recreating the feel of the books.

Headcanon: Imagine Teddy Lupin's teachers looking at the list of upcoming students and being like, "Oh, Lupin! Remus was a good student, despite what he may have gotten into with his friends, his son should be no real trouble" now imagine eleven-year-old Teddy jumping off of the stool after being sorted and his hair turning his House colors and everyone simultaneously remembers who his mother was