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Mary Shelley 1797-1851 English writer, Shelley had an unhappy childhood after her mother Mary Wollstonecraft died. Aged 16 she ran away to Europe with the poet Percy Bysshe. One summer they shared a house in Switzerland with othe poets and thinkers including Lord Byron. While there Mary wrote one of the most famous horror stories of al time, about a student called Frankenstein and the terrible monster that he created


"Night and The Doctor" 5 minisodes with River Song! The order is: (1) Bad Night (2) Good Night (3) First Night (4) Last Night (5) Up All Night HOW IS IT POSSIBLE THAT I HAVEN'T SEEN THESE BEFORE! Ah, the shame!


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hahaha awesome. <---- Wasn't Hazel also a Centurion? And Frank? I guess nobody really knows that, for PJO and HOO. Oh well.<<<<<Somebody needs to edit that article. I don't know how


Expectations of Prometheus Proportions

Its been nearly three decades since Ridley Scott brought us Alien, a movie that completely redefined the science fiction and horror genres. Prometheus looks to build on the mythology of that film while creating a new story with new ideas to carry the franchise forward…but is it any good? Click below to read the SPOILER FREE review.


Madman Lugos

Could be a commoner or noble.... 'Warlord [Madman Lugos | Witcher Wiki | Fandom powered by Wikia]


Vincent - "He transformed the pain of his tormented life into ecstatic beauty." Even if you have zero interest in Dr. Who, this one episode will make you cry.