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Her red cloak swirled around her, the anguished cry of a male catching her attention. Everyone knows this forest is dark so what compelled this man to break the unspoken vow of entering?


There are many ways you can use these in your class: in a literacy center, early finish box, whole class activity, one a day for morning/bell work… there are so many options! Included in this packet are 32 task cards and an answer key. There are 4 cards per sheet. Simply cut the cards and laminate for continued use. All graphics are from Lovin’ Lit and Luckyfrog Lilypad and are used with permission


quinquennium: Word of the Day quinquennium: a period of five years.

AAC Prompt Hierarchy -- what does "minimal prompting" mean? How much hand-over-hand is happening? Take a look at this prompt hierarchy and look for ways to scaffold our AAC learners to become less prompt dependent.

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Shades of Meaning with Little Red Riding Hood

Shades of Meaning: Little Red's Bad Day -- Common Core Aligned. Use this entertaining story about Little Red to teach the concept of Shades of Meaning. Writing activities included!