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Proper Sitting Posture

Proper Sitting Postures on Computer

How to improve your posture while driving with 3 simple and easy steps that will train your abs and strengthen your back.

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6 Easy Exercises to Help "Fix" Bad Posture That You Absolutely Have To Learn

Slouching is an easy habit to get into, especially if you spend a lot of time sitting–your rear end almost always ends up sliding forward in the chair, putting undue pressure on your lower back.When you slouch while standing, your head moves forward, in front of your body. You can’t see your profile, but next time you’re in front of a mirror, take a peek.Posture affects how you walk, sleep, sit, and stand.If you’re a sloucher, here are 6 easy exercises to fix it.

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Best stretching exercises for strengthening your back

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he best way to learn how to squat correctly is to do squats facing a wall. Bring your toes to the wall, almost touching, then sit down. Stay looking straight so you learn to keep your torso up. Sit as low as you can go then hold the seated position for 5-10 seconds and repeat.

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LOOK: The Healthiest Way To Sit

Sitting Pretty: The right desk set-up can take the pain out of your workday. (The physical pain, anyway.)

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6 Ways to Beat Back Pain

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One Simple Exercise to Improve Posture and Relieve Back Pain

Sedentary lifestyles are the leading cause of posture problems, and posture problems are the leading cause of back pain, nerve impingement, discs degeneration and weakened blood circulation in the torso. And as our society progresses more and more towards jobs that require sitting in front of computer screens for prolong periods of time, it’s clear that this problem won’t fix itself – instead, we should all try to look for ways to straighten up and improve our posture with the hope of…

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Posture Power: How To Correct Your Body's Alignment

Posture Power: How To Correct Your Body's Alignment by Kendall Lou Schmidt -

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