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    This worksheet has five real-world problems that can be solved by setting up a proportion. A section is provided for students to set up the proportion and to show their work. | by Math on the Move

    Teacher Printables - Free ratios activities and ideas. Visit and subscribe to this blog for LOTS of free teaching ideas!

    Proportion Activity using juice and soda - Dan Meyer has several videos to solve real world math problems.

    ★ Rockstar Math Teacher ★: Awesome Resource - Color-coded Input Wall Charts

    How Many Chip Bags Will There Be? -- Concept: Ratio and Proportions, Population Sampling -- CCSS Standards: 6.RP.3, 6.RP.3c, 7.RP.2, 7.RP.3, 7.SP.1, 7.SP.2

    Proportion Rummy Equivalent fractions can be a difficult concept to master. This card game provides a fun way to practice an important math skill. All you need is a deck of playing cards, paper, and pencils, and you're ready to get started!

    Ms. Milleson's 7th Grade Blog: Capture/Recapture - Proportions Math Activity

    WKU Proportions- This is how I teach proportions to my students. There are images that walk you through solving a word problem as well as a video teaching it in my classroom.

    Math Shorts Episode 12 - Proportional Relationships. This animated Math Shorts video explains the term "proportional relationships." This v...

    Free! Word wall cards for sixth grade math ratios and proportional relationships!

    One of the many poems, activities, guided notes, assessments and worksheets in "Ratios, Rates, and Proportions Galore". $

    Fun way to review or teach Proportional vs Non-Proportional graphs, tables, and equations. Even comes with a homework and answer key!

    FREE!! No prep - just print! Use cross products to solve proportions. Answer key included. See preview for problem types before downloading.

    Math = Love: Foldable Love (WAY into our future- but the math teacher in me couldn't resist the pin)

    Journal entry for Ratios and Proportions for your Interactive Math Notebooks (Interactive Math Journal 2).

    Proportions Word Problems made fun!This product contains 10 word problems that can be solved using proportions. These are real world applications for proportions. I always find my students need more practice with word problems that the textbook provides, so I made my own!Post the pages around your classroom in a random order.

    This product includes a twenty task cards divided into five stations about proportional reasoning. The stations include four questions on each of the following: graphs, tables, verbal descriptions, equations and ratios. Students are asked to explain how they know if a proportional relationship exits in a graph, table, and a verbal description. Students are also asked to calculate the constant of proportionality and to identify it in a table, graph and equation.

    4mula Fun! :): Ratios and Proportions Introduction

    7th Grade Math Interactive Notebook - Maria Gonzalez - Picasa Web Albums. She has pretty much her whole notebook online :)

    LOVE this project on proportions in the real world. definitely going to use it this year.

    "Ratios and Proportions...and Goldfish!" This blog post is about a great hands-on activity to help students understand a real-life application of ratios and proportions.

    Heart Rate Math: Ratios & Proportions Activity with STEM Career Connection. Great for Valentine's Day! Students learn about heart rate and the importance of this number in sports medicine. They compute their own heart rate after various activities and graph the results. They calculate the target heart rate and answer critical thinking questions. Perfect for middle school math!

    Giant Wanted. Math Lesson on proportions and ratios. Create wanted description based on giant hand print & student own ratios to hand size. Could also work in averages of groups/class.