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Propyl Alcohol in Cosmetics, Medications, and Cleaning Products

Peach nectar single pan eyeshadow

Welcome to Enchanted lustre! Where all items are hand made and made to order ❤️ 35mm or 26mm pan only: Peach nectar - the lustrous juice has been extracted from this enchanted pink-orange-golden fruit. All ingredients in our eyeshadows are vegan (except red/rust colours), cruelty free, paraben free, talc free, highly pigmented, natural and blendable. Ingredients - Mica, propyl alcohol, coconut oil, purified vitamin E oil, vegetable glycerin, maizena, phenoxyethenol & ethylhexygl...


Iso Propyl Alcohol, IPA, CH3CHOHCH3

The 3-Day Bender 1" Barrel Digital Curling Iron

Some alcohols. Fatty alcohols also known as "oily" condition your locks. Here's a tip: SAY YES, to the alcohols that start with "c" and "s." Cetearyl alcohol + Cetyl alcohol + Stearyl alcohol SAY NO to ones that include "prop" in their name. Isopropyl alcohol + Propanol + Propyl alcohol SD alcohol 40

Lilly's Ever-Aseptic Iletin Syringe Case, No. 65, about 1940. A 1947 guide for diabetics describes this kit as being made for injecting insulin, “under conditions that prevent sterilization of the syringe and needle by boiling.” The case includes: syringe kit and case, absorbent cotton, iso-propyl alcohol for sterilizing the syringe and needle, and a glass pipette.


Iso-Propyl Alcohol Lilly Co. 91% Empty Vintage medicine Bottle

Break out your high school/college chem experience, but good knowledge if you're curly, coarse, or have dry frizzy hair.