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These easy banana nut protein flapjacks are just as the title says, easy to make but absolutely delicious.

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5 healthy recipes from The Body Coach aka Joe Wicks

You asked for it so here they are! Chocolate Protein Flapjacks #Leanin15 #flapjacks double tap if you are going to make this at home! 😍 #oats #honey #whey #flaxseeds #dates @lucybeecoconut #dark #chocolate #cinnamon #cocoa #tasty #protein #treat #flapjacks #snack #treat #foodie #foodporn

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The Perfect Protein Powder Microwave Brownie

Cooking with protein powder is surprisingly easy, and there are countless fantastic recipes to suit just about everyone’s taste. One of the mainstays of the bodybuilding world, standing alongside its trusty colleagues the protein pancake and the protein flapjack, is the humble brownie – a straightforward, delicious cake that’s perfect for upping your protein intake …

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Healthy Chocolate Flapjacks

Imagine a dense, chewy, moist chocolatey treat that is refined sugar-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free & soya-free...enter my chocolate flapjacks!

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Peanut Butter Flapjacks

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Oat Apple and Walnut Protein Flapjacks

Oat, Apple & Walnut Protein Flapjacks on - the perfect healthy snack, gluten free and refined sugar free, with a simple vegan option too!

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