How to Make Protein Hair Treatments Out of Mayonnaise, Eggs and Castor Oil

DIY Gelatin Protein Treatment for Damaged Hair

If you want thicker, longer natural hair, you should. Here is how to join Hey Curlie's online challenge with NaturallyCurly, and document your hair progress.

Protein Hair Treatment : Homemade Natural Masks for All Hair Types

Protein promotes hair growth, boosts up shine, volume and strength. Try out one of these homemade natural treatments and improve your hair!

8 Silicone-Free Protein Treatments For Curly Hair

Jamaican Black Castor Oil is beneficial for working on the follicles and roots of the hair as opposed to the hair itself.

My gramma always told me these ingredients were the best for strong healthy hair, and everybody knows grandmas know best! DIY Protein Treatment for Natural Hair IG: Actually_Ashly

DIY: Protein Hair Masque

Tip: you can use only egg yolk for this masque if you want it thicker. And don't rinse out with hot water otherwise egg will cook !

Need to Fix Damaged Hair? These Protein Hair Treatments Work

Apply a good amount of coconut milk to the roots of your hair and also soak your entire hair with the coconut milk. Massage the scalp for about 5 to 10 mins with your finger tips. Leave it on for about an hour or two and then wash it off.

11 DIY Egg Hair Mask Recipes - You Can Try at Home

Ever yoju tried Egg Hair Masks? jbjjjjbnYNou have to know thatj Eggs are wonder-foods as they are wealthy in protein, essential fatty acids vitamins, plus .

DIY Protein Hair Treatment

Protein hair treatments are an important part of your hair care and should be included in your regimen whether you have damaged hair or not. - Your online beauty store.