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Proud Of Myself Quotes

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I’m so Proud of Myself for Every Single Decision (Live Life Happy)

Yep, that includes friends and relatives. My life has been so great without these toxic people around. Not going to apologize for it. Can't change people so might as well cut them off.

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17 Cute I Love Myself Quotes with Images

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Do this! I'm so proud of people who acomplish things when even they didn't think they could! It's time to do this myself.


You have no idea how hard I fought to keep my mental health intact from 2011-2014. I'm proud that I survived. It's self care. Not enough for you? I won't apologize for taking care of myself.


Proving to myself everyday that I'm worth it! Take pride in your day and in yourself. Write your goals down for the week cross them off as you go and be proud of what you've accomplished. Don't be hard on yourself for the things you didn't get done or that you failed at. It's a process not instant success.

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15 quotes that are inspirational as f*ck

How you treat people shows your true self and character. I may not be the most educated person and I KNOW I'm far from "cool", especially in the minds of Hunter and Blake ;-) But what I am proud of most about myself is not having it in me to be judgmental, cold, uncaring, and cruel with my words and actions. Especially toward people I don't know. I form MY OWN opinion about others. I don't let anyone or anything (like alcohol and anger) influence my feelings or thoughts about others.