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Seek God Early. We are to spend time with God -- continually. When we do, we get in the flow of His plan for our day. We are not told just to wish for everything to work together, we are told to seek God for a fresh word each day. Remember, the enemy tries to bring us down and seeks to destroy us. If he steals away our time with the Lord in the morning, we may miss out on the Kingdom life that entire day! When you don't seek Jesus first thing in the morning, you tend to forget to seek Him…


Doodle Through The Bible: Proverbs 8 Illustrated Faith Journal entry for Good Morning Girls (GMG) Bible Study, Free printable PDF Coloring page link at the website. Come Join the Proverbs Linky Party to share your work!



It's not that hard once you let go of your own pride. God is only an imaginary myth to those who don't seek Him wholeheartedly. Would you reveal the secrets of your heart to someone who didn't love you?


Her favorite subject in school was her social justice class. In this class she learned how she can help people and why. Also it was her favorite because she could relate to it a lot and incorporate it into her life with ease.