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An Hour With Psychic Sylvia Browne - Published on Aug 6, 2012 Psychic medium Sylvia Browne answers questions and shares her wisdom on spirituality, God, the Other Side, and more.

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How Many Of These '90s Girl Toys Did You Own?

Check out Clueless Hands-Free Phone from Totally Awesome 90's Tech Toys... I so had one of these.


Aqua aura- helps strengthen and heal the auric field which is a first line against negative psychic energy. It can protect against psychic "vampires", and other parasitic or draining negative energies.


Beginning Mediumship is a class designed for anyone who believes they have mediumship skills or is looking to learn more about how to connect with spirit.

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Ten Cliches Christians Should Never Use

False teachers...but he is, in no way, the only one. If you wish to pay someone to tell you only the things you want to hear {2 Timothy 4:3}, you might as well call a telephone psychic hotline. Whenever it comes to TV preachers, if you're ever asked to send them money- in order for them to pray for you, please just turn the channel, and KNOW that the Lord will deal with them, accordingly {Matthew 7:21-23}.