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Mary Whiton Calkins was a pioneer in psychology. She was responsible for the creation of a method of memorization called the right associates method. She founded the psychology department at Wellesley College. She was the first female president of both the American Psychological Association (APA) in 1905, and the American Philosophical Association in 1918. She developed and advocated a self-based psychology, even as behavioral psychology began to dominate the field.

Psychology: The goals of the psychology department at WJU are to provide a strong curriculum that will help you learn the most current and empirically sound principles of behavior; to equip you for success in a variety of graduate programs and employment settings; to offer you opportunities for experience in human service, research and other psychology-related internships; and to help you realize the many ways through which psychology can address human social/ethical concerns.

Article about praise: Don't praise about smarts! Praise about struggle & hardwork Carol Dweck on The Growth Mindset Stanford University Psychology Department

Mazi - Francis Cecil Sumner (the first African-American to get a PhD in psychology and helped to establish the psychology department in Howard University.

Eliza Wille, MS, Program Director & Animal Assisted Psychotherapy Specialist.| Eliza worked at renowned dolphin research facility through the University of Hawaii Psychology Department. Her understanding of dolphin behavior and her years of facilitating interactions between humans and dolphins, combined with her credentials in psychology, uniquely qualify her to oversee our Dolphin Assisted Psychotherapy program. Eliza also serves as our Equine Assisted Psychotherapy Specialist. | #recovery

Our very own Kristen Bunger, RD and Jan Hamilton, PMHNP are speaking with the Psychology department at Phoenix Children’s Hospital on May 15th about the Treatment of Eating Disorders!…/