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This was on a support group on Facebook and I couldn't have said it better myself. I went thru the exact same thing, with some of my husbands relatives. Psychopathic, narcissistic, abusers and bullies. This is correct about them being hypocrites as well. They lecture, put you down, and reprimand you for the very exact things they themselves do....


"No. No, it's not." "They don't really care for you...." "Stop." "They're gaining your trust so they can use you. They will leave you behind." "STOP!"

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The fucking DEVIL is trying to win and that is not going to happen :) Period!


If your agenda is to control, manipulate, judge, displace your self-hatred or to generally bring harm to others, this shows through any guise of righteousness or intelligence you may wear. It is quite clear to those of us that have climbed out of another person's hell with fingers stripped to the bone and only a breath of life left to carry with us. Do not bring your hatred into this sacred space. No one owes you reasoning or apologies, simply a firm "leave this space."


With a narcissist, the littlest lies tell the biggest stories...AWG, my ex son in law malignant narcissist


“Once upon a time, an angel and a devil fell in love”

angel quotes and sayings | Once upon a time, an angel and a devil fell in love ...


As small children...I warned my Hollie and Justin that some even those that pretend to be family and friend...aren't! They both are on high alert and can spot these snakes way ahead of most! They have gut radar as I snakes beware...we will kill you dead...before you strike! You might get a hiss in but we will kill you in your snake infested life! Trust me!

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Evil people feel no remorse. Love it when they think they're hurting others. Not possible to hurt our happiness.