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How they shape public opinion "They" being the operative word. Each side will say it is the other. When in actuality it is both. And for no other reason then ultimate power. We as a united country have been divided. I am only waiting (in the ready) for the fall!

Standesamtliche Hochzeit in Zürich | Fotografie: Jennifer März Fotografie Restaurant: Fischers Fritz Brautoutfit: T-Shirt von TOWNHOUSE / Tüllrock von Alexandra Grecco / Gurt von piqyourdress Clutch: Petit Fou Hair & Make-Up: Odilia Rossi von ZeitRaum

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Civics Interest Groups, Public Opinion, & Media Choice Board Paper-Google Drive

Civics Interest Groups, Public Opinion, and Media Choice Board and Activities Paper and Google DriveThese Interest Groups, Public Opinion, and Media Activities will cover EVERYTHING you need to plan for an engaging unit in your CIVICS or GOVERNMENT classroom!

People believe that gay marriage and homosexual relationships are against nature. People will have delusions that their private businesses will be harmed due to simply the marriage of two same sexes.


An #infographic with cute check boxes and a look at depressing perceptions: Life as a Woman, According to Society #feminism


Book Review: Battered Women's Protective Strategies < Contrary to public opinion and the views of many domestic violence agencies, leaving the batterer is not necessarily the only or best solution available to intimate violence survivors. Sherry Hamby proposes... an innovative and strengths-based approach to this dilemma... broadening the way one looks at dangerous assessment and safety planning...

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Republicans push to re-open Clinton email case after FBI document drop