PLACEMAKING: “Every Mayor’s Dream” - using the arts to develop an area where people want to live, work and congregate. The key is to treat the ARTS AS AN ESSENTIAL PART OF THE CITY’S IDENTITY. (backers include National Governors Association ( and many others)


3/10/2015 Superkilen Copenhagen, Denmark 55°42′00″N 12°32′45″E   Superkilen is a public park in the Nørrebro district of Copenhagen, Denmark. The colorful space aims to celebrate global diversity, designed as a universal exposition with ideas and artifacts gathered from over 50 countries around the world.


Sometimes, the reasons that lead to slums are there are not enough space, clean water and afforest , the environment is terrible. So from an architect 'view, we can make the environment better by urban design. We can create more public space for people to do the activities, provide more trees and clean water for use or views, and build enough infrastructure such as wastyard , medcine place and public transportation.

from CityLab

A Swiss Village Becomes an Experiment in Modern Art

Every summer the small Swiss town of Vercorin offers up its public spaces and buildings to artists to do with them what they will. I may have to move here

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