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Pudgy Pie

I LOVE my Pudgie Pie Maker!! But this site is the bomb because it has many recipes I would have never thought of....Long Live the Pudgie Pie!

Rome's #2011 Creative Pie Iron Cooking Book

TACO MOUNTAIN PIES... a camping treat! Fill with taco meat/blackbeans/refried beans/chicken/rice, cheese, olives, cilantro (really whatever you like will work)... heat thru... top with sour cream, salsa, guacamole, lettuce, tomatoes. They're crispy on the outside, just like a chimichanga - Yummo!

This blog has some serious pudgie pie recipes- I think this will be made at some point. Greek!

Lemon meringue pudgy pie

campfire pizza calzones

Calzones made in Pie Irons these are yummy we use two pieces of bread smashed together with the sauce and cheese sometimes a meat and call them pudgy pies :)

S'more Pudgy Pie-- 2 slices cinnimon bread, 2 tbs. Nutella spread, 1/2 graham cracker crumbled, 1 tbs. Mini marshmellows--spread nutella on slice of bread, sprinkle crumbs on top, add marshmellows, grill as for grilled cheese or use sandwich machine

Pie Iron Chicken Pot Pie

Hobo Pie - spaghetti and garlic bread - noodle sandwiches freak me out....but I could see this.

Yummy Pudgie Pie Recipes

Tons of easy pudgie pie ideas! Yummy!!!!

Blueberry Cheese Pudgy Pie--cream cheese blueberry pie filling, and mozarella

My family calls these pudgy pies and they're too darn good. You can also substitute the pizza inside for a pie filling for a dessert!

Cinnamon Roll Pudgy Pie | LINK: Pudgy Pie (aka Mountain Pie) Recipes/Ideas - S'more, Spaghetti, Bacon & Egg, etc.

I have been lookig for this tool for a long time. Pudgie Pies - easy, tasty camping food

Banana Bread Pudgy Pie

Pulled pork pudgy pie with cole slaw (i'm drooling!)

Pie iron cookbook, hobo pie recipes, pudgie pie recipes.

Tomato avocado grilled cheese pudgy pie. YUM!

pudgy pie recipes!

Apply pudgy pie.. so good! One of my favorite things about camping.

Bacon and egg pudgy pie

Never would have thought to campfire grill this way in case I forget the pudgy pie maker and/or the grill... Because I know I'll always have tinfoil.

Monkey Bread Dessert in Rome Pudgy Pie Iron - YouTube