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XL Areolas and Puffy Nipples: Archive

Gynecomastia can occur on one side of the chest or on both. The minimal form of gynecomastia is that of a protruding nipple/areola complex, sometimes referred to as "puffy nipples" (but which would more correctly be called "puffy areolas"), which is very common in adolescent and post-adolescent young men. #gynecomastia #malebreastreduction


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1 Pinch the areola right next to your nipple so the nipple can be moved You can use your thumb and first finger, or 2 fingers - whichever is easier for that side and the shape of your breasts. If you have 'puffy' breasts, you can also position the rest of your hand under your breast to lift it up slightly and away from your chest 2 Turn the nipple up so it is pointing at your face. Do not be shocked if some milk exits. This is normal as you are putting very slight pressure on the milk ducts…