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Puffy Paint Designs

This is a wonderful design. Create a design similar to this by making a reverse silhouette stencil Artistic Software. We love creating projects with crystals at Artistic.

Trace design onto wax paper with puffy paint. Dry overnight and peel carefully. Window cling for any season!

diy Bright Batman Jacket something to do with all my old puffy paint!

3D Canvas Art...I like the idea of using puffy paint

love the morrocan tile design applied with puff paint. Let dry and then paint!

Snow Paint... starts wet, dries fluffy... cool

Design with puffy paint on a cardboard letter from Hobby Lobby. Paint, then wax. SUPER cheap project!

Hand Painted Wine bottle Vase Up Cycled Purple White by LucentJane

Tree template- this would make a gorgeous painting! ... Project for Jesse now that he's drawing and painting???

  • Cindy Pearce

    Hi there, do you know where l could get pictures like this? Thank you

Pinecone Mini Christmas Tree Chelle, so easy just hot glue beads onto pinecone--the base looks like they made a design with puffy paint then painted it and added greenery.

Use puffy paint to add a design to a jar, and spray paint over it. Wish I would have thought of this before I finished painting a dozen jelly jars.

Plastic bottle caps into stamps! Wow nice specially when bottle caps are not recyclable!

Print out a pattern you like, place a sheet of wax paper over it and trace the pattern with puffy paints. When it dries peel it off the wax paper and apply it to it's permanent surface.

Puffy Snowflake Paintings - In a bowl, mix equal parts salt and self-rising flour. Add food coloring if desired. Add enough water to make consistency of pancake batter. Pour into empty (clean) bottle for dispensing. Make designs on thick card stock/cardboard (?) then microwave for 30 seconds - dries and puffs! :)

bubble paint diy morrocan design project -- home decor mason jar candles, dye the glass and use puffy paint to put pretty designs on it

Custom Original LARGE Abstract Textured by NaturalArtbyElena. $229.00 USD, via Etsy.

The Puffy Paint Pumpkin | 37 Easy DIY No-Carve Pumpkin Ideas . And other items to make not just Pumkins.

Dried dimensional paint will peel away from acetate to create lacy embellishments. Fun technique!

Matte puffy paint vases, easy to place in a bookshelf or make a flower vase

A Mehendi inspired design - Tall mugs painted with sponge technique and puffy paint

made the backdrop using a queen sheet and puffy paint! (chalkboard look...draped with Christmas garlands)

DIY Puffy Paint: 1 tablespoon self-raising flour, a few little drops of food colouring, 1 tablespoon salt, then add some water to make a nice smooth paste. Paint away on a nice thick sheet of cardboard (if you don’t have enough paint brushes use cotton buds – they work really well). Microwave the design on high for 10 – 30 seconds until the paint puffs and it’s all nice and dry.

DIY - raised letters for craft projects: print out the font you want and place wax paper over it. then use puffy paint and trace. let it dry then use mod podge to secure them.

Texture box: Make into book? Tin foil, buttons, corrugated cardboard, yarn, sequins, sandpaper, feathers, paper clips, pipe cleaners, glitter, lace, alphabet pasta, pennies, popsicle sticks, puffy paint design, bubble wrap, velcro, elastic, contact paper, mesh

  • Jillian Couch

    You could try gorilla glue, maybe.

  • Malachi Beavers

    What would be the best way to glue this stuff down? I could see my daycare kids pulling if off the cardboard.

Mason jars with puffy paint designs