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While there are many dogs that pull on walks, any dog can learn to walk calmly on a loose leash if we create a positive learning environment and teach them in the way that their minds understand. Find out how using positive reinforcement you can condition your dog to stay next to you and stop pulling when you take them for a walk. ****This ...

Name: Charity D.O.B.: 11/23/11 Height: 20" Principal Components: Fruitcake tin, pressure gauge, lamp part, swing arm curtain rods, wrenches, drawer pull parts, tartlet tins, hydraulic fittings, brooch. Amy Flynn Designs.

Fairy Botmother 11.0" Height: 16.5" Principal Components: Toffee tin, pool ball, erector set girders, tonneau cover latch, pie servers, drawer pull parts, hose fittings, gas lamp burner, button, springs, jewelry Although the "Fairy Botmother" is happy to stand on your shelf or table, she also has a small hook on her back so you can attach some fishline and let her fly.

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