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Phoenix 99403 Power Stand II - 99403

Phoenix 99403 Power Stand II - Phoenix 99403 Power Stand II - Additional Information Utilizes body weight to create resistance Multi-station exercise stand allows for diverse...

A ROMAN BONE FIGURE OF APHRODITE Circa 2nd Century A.D. The goddess depicted wearing a peplos under a himation which wraps around her waist and is pulled up over the back of the head, wearing a crescentic diadem in her center-parted hair, her pupils indicated, the lips parted, holding a pinecone (?) in her separately-made left hand, which is inserted into a mortise at the end of her arm, standing on a low integral plinth with a concave side molding


No, not the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle but the Renaissance artist who took up the challenge of creating the first free-standing sculpture since ancient Roman times – and nearly pulled it off


All-in-one Stand Alone Pull up Bar, (pull up bar, free standing pull up bar, pull ups, chin up bar, fitness, portable, dip station, pull-up bars, p90x, dips)

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Pull-Up Banner Stand Mock-Up

Pull-Up Banner Stand Mock-Up by mock_up_store on Creative Market