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Open a pumpkin. Leave the "guts" inside. Add some soil, and just a little water. Look at all of the pumpkin plants that we'll have. Great to do with kids.

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We planted a vertical pumpkin patch in our tiny urban backyard

With urban living comes many advantages. Jules and I both walk or ride our bikes to work, we are a few minutes walk from a zoo, there countless numbers of cafes, restaurants, bars, playgrounds, etc. within walking distance. But there are also some disadva


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Did You think about Growing Pumpkins for Halloween? These pumpkin growing tips will help you to grow many delicious pumpkins. Learn about planting pumpkin seeds, varieties and how to keep a pumpkin plant healthy.


super idea...partially gut the pumpkin leave some seeds..add some soil and water and watch it grow....pop it in the ground as it decomposes...I've got one pumpkin left from last year...definitely going to try!

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Best Fertilizer For Pumpkins – How And When To Fertilize Pumpkins

Pumpkin Fertilizer Requirements: Guide To Feeding Pumpkin Plants - You spend all summer tending your vine, and you want to get the most out of it that you can. Fertilizing pumpkins is essential, as they will devour nutrients and run with them. Learn more about pumpkin fertilizer requirements here.

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How to Grow Halloween Pumpkins - Simplify Live Love

How to Grow a Pumpkin Patch for Halloween Pumpkins. June is the perfect time to start a pumpkin patch for with your kids! Here's how!


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