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23 Pictures That Prove Punks Are Actually Total Softies

Another flyer from the same September 26 Kalamazoo show. The Misfits, inspired by '50s B-horror films, created a campy punk subculture appropriately known as horror-punk. 1977-1983. Key track: "Teenagers from Mars"

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What Is Punk? 25 Definitions From People Who Should Know

Punk Fashion is an audio documentary taking a close look at youth, music and rebellion though the eyes of punk subculture.


Youth subcultures such as punk which are very in-your-face are often stereotyped as being violent and used as a scapegoat instead of looking at the real issues behind such violence. Hence why parents and other adults warn young people to stay away from those involved in the punk subculture lest they fall prey to their apparent violence.This moral panic was largely based on the misinformation that listening to loud, angry music can cause violent young people. (read comment section)


Punks Subculture emerged in the US, UK and Australia. Punks comes from any classes in society. It was established with lots of means, such as about politics, freedom...

Are some punks more 'real' than other punks? There are several common identifiers of punks such as style, music tastes and ideologies. Yet the concept of authenticity suggests that while some may seem to present themselves as punk, they could merely be posing in order to fit in or are somehow less punk than another. Contrary to this, the punk subculture appears to be one where if a young person acts, dresses and announces themselves to be punk then that's exactly what they are.