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from ASPCA

Why Are Some States Havens for Puppy Mills?

Where does your state stand on puppy mills? While many people think they are already illegal, that’s not the case. Federal standards are far from what most people consider to be humane and are poorly enforced. States have the authority to enact and enforce higher standards of humane care for commercially bred animals, yet 21 states still do not have any laws regulating large-scale dog breeders, making them magnets for puppy mills. Find out more here…


Heartbreaking but true! Please ADOPT, don't shop for your pets! Stand up against puppy mill cruelty. This breaks my heart, litterally made me cry...poor baby

from Babble

Matted Puppy Mill Dog Undergoes Stunning Transformation

Somewhere under knotted fur is a dog that was one of over 50 dogs rescued during the raid of an Amish puppy mill breeder. THIS is what you support when you purchase from a puppy mill breeder or a retailer that purchases the dogs they sell from a puppy mill. STOP PUPPY MILLS!!!!!


THIS IS NOT OK! PLEASE REPIN to show that puppy mill dogs do not even get the most basic care. #nomorepuppymills #rescue

from Adopt A LAPCAT

Every cat should own a dog…

Help Ban Puppy Mills!