Puppy Proposal

Dear Future Husband, Do this but with a German shepherd 😘

The internet is trying to kill me with cuteness!! A PUPPY PROPOSAL!! Are you freaking kidding me?!?! How in the WORLD could you say no to that?!?!

Puppy Proposal via @Puppiesforrent Instagram

A puppy & engagement ring?! Who wouldn't say yes to that?

Puppy Proposal Video

We can't get enough of these adorable puppy proposals! Happy #NationalPuppyDay!

♥ Proposing with a puppy - BEST. IDEA. EVER. #dog #puppy #proposal

A puppy, a proposal, and a beautiful ring! Could this proposal get any better?

A Puppy AND a Ring?!? The Best Proposal. - YouTube

With a dog. | 33 Awesome Marriage Proposals You Couldn't Say No To

This is the cutest!

Awww! This puppy proposal is so adorable, I can't even.

Puppy Proposal

Wedding Dream Nancy Klevin | Propose with a puppy

Perfect proposal: Tie the ring around his collar. She thinks she is getting a puppy then when she discovers the ring drop to one knee! So precious! OMG I WOULD DIE!!!!

Kelsey's Puppy Proposal most adorable proposal ever

Jessica and Ryan's Puppy Proposal

This is a good way to propose. Helped a young man do this for his proposal once....it went perfectly. He said the puppy was the new start of a new life and something that was just for them. When they married, the puppy was then a dog and was part of the wedding. Perfect!

Puppy proposal

A new puppy and a new ring... Will you marry us? Perfect proposal... Give her the puppy and ring of her dreams from the man of her dreams.

He gave her a puppy and a proposal!

OMG... I wouldnt have even had to be asked! So cute. In the small picture I thought this harness was a ring! Can you imagine being proposed to with a new puppy and a beautiful ring!? No good woman has the heart to say no to a puppy ;)

This is how I NEED to be proposed to!! Corgi and Tiffany's ring...does it get any better?!

Such a cute story... the bar is set pretty high, guys! Proposed with a love note on the puppy♥