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Puppy Proposal

a ring & a puppy . omg ♥

A puppy, a proposal, and a beautiful ring! Could this proposal get any better?

♥ Proposing with a puppy - BEST. IDEA. EVER. #dog #puppy #proposal

This is a good way to propose. Helped a young man do this for his proposal went perfectly. He said the puppy was the new start of a new life and something that was just for them. When they married, the puppy was then a dog and was part of the wedding. Perfect!

engagement pictures with dog | My Proposal « Weddingbee Gallery Kevyn - look what I just saw floating around Pinterest...ain't that jake?

if someone wanted to propose to me with this little derp, I would be obliged to say yes- obviously

Perfect proposal: Tie the ring around his collar. She thinks she is getting a puppy then when she discovers the ring drop to one knee! So precious! OMG I WOULD DIE!!!!

Wedding Dream Nancy Klevin | Propose with a puppy

this is actually the cutest thing ive ever seen and i cannot think of a more perfect proposal ever.

A Puppy AND a Ring?!? The Best Proposal. - YouTube

This is the cutest!

My brother proposed to his fiancé with their new Golden Retriever puppy Séla.. how could you say no to that!? #puppiesandproposals

Kelsey's Puppy Proposal most adorable proposal ever

This is how I NEED to be proposed to!! Corgi and Tiffany's ring...does it get any better?!

PUPPY PROPOSAL. Replace the dog tag with this and surprise her awwwee so sweet ♥ DREAM PROPOSAL! ♥

Golden Cocker Retriever - full grown but always looks like a puppy - so cute!!!

Add a 1966 mustang, make that a Golden Retriever puppy, add a beautiful diamond solitaire and you've got my dream proposal!

English Cream (white) Golden Retriever Puppy

A new puppy and a new ring... Will you marry us? Perfect proposal... Give her the puppy and ring of her dreams from the man of her dreams.

Diamond ring + puppy = best proposal on earth! Well now I have the puppy ;)

Cutest proposal idea EVERRRRR!!!!!!!!! (I would want it to be a puppy!)

someone please show my boyfriend this! Proposal with help from a dog... except, I would want it to say 'will you marry us?'

This is such a cute and sweet idea! (the puppies, that is. Welll.....Proposals are sweet too :P) Puppies Deliver Surprise Marriage Proposal So sweet! random child falls.... hahahaha