Pinterest • The world’s catalog of ideas -There have been many studies performed on the effects of Iyengar yoga on patients with physical problems. In general, Iyengar yoga is useful in physical therapy because it assists in the manipulation of inflexible or injured areas. One study by Dr. Sharon Kolasinski et al. studied the effects of Iyengar yoga on symptoms of osteoarthritis of the knees.


While yoga’s longevity promoting effects have been the subject of legend for millennia, increasingly modern science is confirming this ancient technology for spiritual and physical well-being actually can slow aging and stimulate our regenerative potential. Yoga has long been believed to be a life-extending practice, with yogis maintaining a level of strength and flexibility late into life far beyond what is considered normal or easily attainable in cultures that don’t practice yoga or…

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Feel Stronger and Sexier With This Arm-Sculpting Yoga Sequence