Palette of cold floral shades of blue and purple, translucent and saturated: hydrangea, lilac, fuchsia. This solution can be used in the design of bathroom: this combination of colors is able to increase the efficiency of your home aromatherapy with natural essential oils.

Grey, Lavender, Ivory, and Pale Turquoise Color Palette. Wouldn't have thought to add lavender or purples with my favorite turquoise!

Beautiful, original composition. Mature, saturated colors create an atmosphere in which it would be desirable or productive work or to reflect on the futur.

Peacock colors are vibrant and calming all at once. Like the bird itself, this combination of hues is a show-stopper!

Beautiful cheerful palette. Bright colors cheer up, are beneficial to health, and generally pleasing the eyes. Purple, lilac, shades of pink, mint - a motl.

The colors of the future would be able fun and bright colors of the fall but would also focus on the color purple because it is fun

Rich blueberry shades will look good and contrasting against the background of relatively bright green. This color solution will fit perfectly into a well-.

The fascinating palette. Rich, deep paint look rich and expensive. Dark purple, the color of rotten cherries and black are magical, magical combination. The predominance of colors characteristic of the interior in the style of noir - luxurious and pompous. Lighter shades of purple and dark pink to create a spectacular contrast.

Gentle laconic palette. Shades of purple and lavender blend harmoniously with the pastel beige and gray-white.

... Voor meer inspiratie of Dit is geen ontwerp van S&T maar wel wat ons aanspreekt

Middle lavender for the master bath accent.

nice soft shades for wearing against faded winter skin...

Such a nice cold azure colour will blend perfectly with purple, if the proportions will be kept: 60% to 30%. White and yellow-green colours can be used for.

I so love how God uses the most beautiful color array on what would otherwise be an ordinary plant/vegetable! Joy!

I like the grape colour, would look good for the pants

Travel inspired yarn color choices: Crochet, Take Me Away to...Travel Inspiration: Fairy Pools, Isle of Skye, Scotland (taken with infrared camera), via PinReach (Yarn: SMC Northern Chunky in Cool Aqua, Tropical Teal, Majestic Mauve, Exotic Purple, and Smoke Grey | crochet today)color combination

Color Obsession: Coral Cayenne — Showerbelle | Host a Happy Bridal ...

This week’s cozy and bright color inspiration comes from the shelf of Hill Country Weavers in...

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