Purple Shamrock - Best in shade as front-of-bed edging or ringing a shade shrub such as hydrangeas or rhododendrons. Also nice in a shady flower pot. Companion plants: Under Ferns, Cimicifuga or Variegated Solomon’s Seal.

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Purple Shamrock Plant grows in a mound of striking purple foliage with clusters of soft-pink, trumpet-shaped blooms. Find a profile, picture, and house plant care tips here.

Oxalis regnellii 'Triangularis' (Purple and Black False Shamrock)Oxalis regnellii 'Triangularis' is a charming, easy-to-grow, clump-forming, winter deciduous oxalis that has deep velvety purple leaves edged with a wide black border, topped by tiny, light pink flowers in summer...extremely cute! Purple shamrock is a dynamite plant to blend into the perennial border or woodland garden. Some of our Zone 6 customers claim to be growing purple shamrock successfully through their winters.

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Lee Ann Torrans Gardening | Purple Shamrock (Silver and Mahogany, too!) Plus a few alternatives. | http://leeanntorrans.com

PURPLE SHAMROCK (Oxalis triangularis): 1) House plant or outdoors until frost 2) Ground cover with small flowers and clover-like leaves. Its triangular-shaped leaves fold along the vein and look like butterflies 3) Bulbs spaced 3” apart and 1 to 2” inches deep 4) Leaves are light sensitive, opening to receive sunlight and closing at night or when under shade

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Display these beautiful flowering plants indoors for a touch of nature in any room in your home. African violets, hibiscus, lilies, jasmine, and more add pops of color to your decor and suit any decorating style.

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