No matter how neat and organized you are, there comes a point when our accessories break, get really dirty, or just look very used – especially when it comes to handbags and shoes, which get worn out very quickly. If you have a handbag you love and use daily, it’s only a matter of time … Read More

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A mini organizing challenge that takes only a few minutes, but can have a huge impact on your day. CLEAN OUT AND ORGANIZE YOUR PURSE. To get weekly mini cleaning & organizing challenges, visit A Bowl Full of Lemons on Facebook page.

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Corral like things is step 3 in purse organization 101! | 30 Days to Less of a Hot Mess

PursePacks modular Purse organizer with 3 compartment purse bins in a row. Great to adjust a compartment to house a camera.

4 easy ways to keep your purse organized and clutter free. Make your life easier with these simple steps so you can always find what you need. Especially organization idea #1 makes being out with your family a whole lot easier. With lot of helpful pics.

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STAPLES STORAGE TIP: Put small accessories, like purses, scarves and gloves, in their places. Decorative shelf totes keep small items that would otherwise get smushed in an orderly lineup.

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