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Push - Movie Review

A group of psychics are hunted down by the division of experimentation, a government agency trying to steal their powers to create an army of psychic warriors


Salvatore Lombardi aka Sally Dogs, Genovese capo who died in 2009. He was also Angela Raiola's uncle. Low key mobster, made a lot of money off dope. Did 22 years of prison time, the first time for pushing quaaludes, the second time for pushing heroin.


Kirk and Spock. One of the coolest moments in Star Trek 2009. No words were needed in this scene. It was like legend finally coming together. Pine and Quinto didn't need much of a push to have the same brotherhood that Shatner and Nimoy did.


YOGA SEQUENCE TO LOTUS POSE: I tore my ACL in 2009, got it reconstructed & lotus was just out of the question. After almost 3 years of practice I can now do lotus comfortably & hands free. Takes a lot of patience & dedication but here are my tips to opening your hips for lotus. Please warm up with Sun salutes Those extra stiff - foam roll too Times are just guidelines - 1. WIDE KNEE CHILD's POSE Think butt to heels, belly melts down, extension to the spine. One day your chin & chest will…