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He did bc he even said "your little friend setting my robes on fire while I tried to protect you from professor quirrel" or something along those lines

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The top five Putt-putt golf courses in Myrtle Beach, from the host of the Masters of mini golf to one that's close to many area restaurants

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I don't know why but I miss going miniature golfing with my friends. We'd have so much fun. Lol. Nerds huh?! Lolololol. There's just something about really 'cool' people playing this game. Lol. It makes everyone seem real....

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novembrex9: xu1221ux: z-a-n-g-e: she-lab-luck: marumiyamak: ringo55: floor888: toxicc: iwantmybearsuit: flickflickflicker:(via spend...

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Depending on how much time you have, you can always try a little putt putt.

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