Make your own photo booth. DIY time! Perfect for your parities. Tutorial found here: Dress Redo. Making a skirt out of an awkward dress. Easy DIY. Tutorial can be found here:

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Still one of the most popular how-tos on my site - make your own background/backdrop stand for photography or video.

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PVC Photobooth. "Built this in about 30 minutes in my backyard with a hacksaw to cut everything apart. It will be used for a birthday party with a few different backdrops hanging off of it. It is wider than I was thinking of making it-but with multiple backdrops hanging off of it, it will give me room to fully open one and have the others scrunched up on the side."

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DIY backdrop stand. I saw many pins on how to so this & wanted to share my story. It's true, PVC materials were only $12. Supply list: (3) 3/4" 10ft PVC poles (4) 3/4" PVC T joints (2) 3/4" PVC L joints (4) 3/4" PVC end caps I bought this all at Home Depot. The other part to story is the tool needed to cut PVC pipe, Ratcheting PVC Cutter (cost $11.98). In all $25 & only takes 30min to complete. Plus I have two extra 2ft poles to make a 5ft high backdrop vs the 6ft high backdrop shown.

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Ceremony backdrop frame, DIY Photobooth frame, Freestanding sturdy 1 PVC Stand its very portable and assemble and disassemble in minutes. A free

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I saw this and got the idea of possibly making a hanging laundry rack from this only adding a couple "T" joint to the top sides so your hangers don't slide off.

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