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Pyrenean Mastiff

A big, fluffy dog with a calm and even temperament, the Pyrenean Mastiff is a super-sized softie.

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The Key To Dog Training -

PYRENEAN MASTIFF/ARAGON MASTIFF- it's like a great pyrenees...but bigger...I had no idea....NEED!

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Raza: Mastín de los Pirineos - extremely powerfull dogs. With an average of 190 pounds for male dogs this is probably the most powerfull of all the herding mountaindogs who will fight bears and packs of wolfs without a second thought. they need a huge amount of exercise so if you don't have several thousands of m2 of space, don't buy one ;-). Origen: Spain

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Pyr with young goat friend, don't worry little buddy I have your back.. :O)

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Pyrenean Mastiff please. I want one really bad. (With a little border collie mix would be the great thing ever)

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