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mewtwo870: sixnightmares: smilin’ good morning human! how are you? *flicks my tongue at the tip of your nose* you smell lovely today!

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Elf on the shelf and reindeer pets play pin the nose on Rudolph! View #2 I downloaded a coloring page and then used the paint program on the computer to color it and make it bigger. Then I printed it on card stock and trimmed the edges a little, glued the picture to blue cardstock, and used my circle paper punch to get the noses.Here is the link to the picture I used. You can color it online too but I wanted it bigger that's why I downloaded it…

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Adorable, I do worry about my finger getting a snappy snap...but I worry about that with strangers dogs too.

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OH WOW SUCH FEEDBACK!!! Thank you all!!!!!! -Program that i use is always PhotoShop CS5- I did some Photo manipulation on my-self in the beginning. i hope you did learn a bit of this:3 enjoy my dea...

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Five Senses Dice Pattern. Children “roll” the dice. Whatever sense the picture represents, children name something that is done with it. Example: “Nose – can smell popcorn.”

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When the rats accidentally boop my snake's nose...#snakes #ballpython

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