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There is another different, chronic, disabling sequel to acute Q fever which takes the form of a prolonged debility and fatigue syndrome. This sequel has features in common with the chronic fatigue syndrome thought to follow proven virus infections (eg., Ross River fever, glandular fever) or virus-like episodes in which a viral cause is not established by laboratory tests. Patients suffer from an incapacitating fatigue on minor exertion, muscle and joint pains, headaches, etc

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This image shows Q-fever bacteria (yellow), which infect cows, sheep and goats around the world and can infect humans as well. When caught early, Q fever can be cured with antibiotics. A small fraction of people can develop a more serious, chronic form of the disease.


Dengue fever can be diagnosed through blood testing to see if the antibodies or viruses are within the blood.


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Rocky Mountain Wood Tick - rocky-mountain-wood-tick - Dermacentor andersoni - The Rocky Mountain wood tick transmits Tularemia, tick paralysis, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Q fever, and Colorado tick fever.

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Q Fever Bacterium Might Contribute to Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Development

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