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QR Codes are a fantastic tool to use in the classroom. QR Codes are abbreviated from Quick Response Code. They are a 2D barcode that can have a website, text, video, email address, voice thread and...

Make math fun and exciting by using QR codes! Just scan each barcode with any free QR reader on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. Each QR code reveals a number that the students will write down and illustrate with the appropriate number of base ten blocks. This pack includes: 12 QR code number cards and a student recording sheet.

This FREE guide includes visual step-by-step directions to creating an audio QR code using a free website. Audio QR codes are scanned barcodes that will read aloud the text input to whoever scans it! Audio QR codes make great answer keys to task cards, secret bucket-filling messages & compliments, and talking word walls.

QR Code Maker - Free QR code Generator. Use for parent night at school! Sooooo easy. Create your own QR Barcode for parents to scan with their smartphones on meet the teacher day! Include contact info, a link to a syllabus online, supply list... Everything!

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Addition QR Code Scoot - First Grade

First Grade Addition QR Code. I absolutely LOVE the idea of using QR codes as "self checking" or "reveal the answer" solutions. Additionally it allows students to participate in BYOD educational opportunities.

Pumpkin spice latte! This was part of the holiday memories collection but it was extremely blurry soooooo I cut it out and now it's all good!