QR Code Maker - Free QR code Generator. Use for parent night at school! Sooooo easy. Create your own QR Barcode for parents to scan with their smartphones on meet the teacher day! Include contact info, a link to a syllabus online, supply list... Everything!

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@marie pelton - I just found a way to justify one of those cool stampin' up necklaces (and deduct it, too!) Using QR Codes in the Middle School Classroom - huge resource

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Hey, friends! I am here to share with you all about how to create and use Audio QR Codes. Last year, Katie King taught me how to make and use traditional QR Codes (with text) attached. You can read that intro tutorial and an -AR freebie I made here. Times are a changing, and with...

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The QR Code Treasure Hunt Generator will walk you through each step of creating QR codes for use in your classroom. The QR Code Treasure Hunt Generator also offers some examples of using QR code treasure hunts in classroom.

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I really need to start using QR codes. This post has a link to a custom QR code app and many ideas of how to use them in the classroom, like having a math problem projected on the board for the kids to get.

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Write your own quiz, download QR codes for each one, post the codes around the room, students find and answer the questions with a smartphone or iPad. Fun and educational!

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