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75 Story Time Read Aloud Picture Books with QR Codes Cards

75 Read Aloud Picture book video cards for your reading corner. Boost your classroom library with 75 popular books to read on the ipad, ipod or active board. Scan (or click) the cards and enjoy a popular children's books on YouTube. Children from Pre-K- 5th grade will enjoy these wonderful stories.

Fall Listening Center Idea & Freebie Friends~I have been working on a little project for my kiddos and I am so excited to share part of it with you. Below you can see my QR Code Listening Center books.


QR codes are an effective technique to enrich reading in a fun way. They are easy for teachers to implement and for students to use. Dinosaurs Before Dark has QR codes that will lead students to more information about the book topic. There’s also a QR code for more information about the author and an online book quiz.

To incorporate technology, the kids could scan QR codes with their ipods or chromebooks they have to reveal secret codes. These codes could have linked webpages with online activities for their typing agent, verb practice, or online math. It would be a fun surprise for which one they would do during Daily 5 time.


FREEBIE from The 2 Teaching Divas! In this pack you will find: six different links to websites that read stories to kids online (literally includes HUNDREDS of stories read aloud). Students simply scan the QR Code and it takes them to the website...once there, they choose a text to read! Awesome resource!!!