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Quantum Dot Display Tvs

SUHD: Everything you need to know about Samsungs flagship TV technology Read more Technology News Here --> It's a moniker reserved for Samsung's most expensive highest-spec TVs but here's the thing about SUHD; it doesn't really mean anything. What's the 'S' for? Nobody knows. The UHD part? Well OK that we do know: It stands for Ultra High Definition its basically synonymous for 4K. So if you see an SUHD label on a Samsung TV you can be pretty sure that…

Hands-on review: CES 2016: Samsung SUHD Quantum Dot Display -

What Exactly is a “Quantum Dot” TV? - Quantum dot displays aren’t a new technology, but they’re making their way to TVs and you’ll see them advertised more soon. LG showed off a quantum dot TV at CES 2015. Sony, Samsung, and TCL will also be selling quantum dot TVs. | HTG

Now you can see the world's most lifelike picture with this technology Read more Technology News Here --> The magic behind the immersive realism in the SUHD TV display is the work of incredibly small particles called quantum dots. A quantum dot is a semiconductor crystal so tiny that it is measured in nanometres. It's on this minuscule scale that colour and contrast can be controlled in Samsung television panels. Quantum dots are photo-active meaning…