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What is quantum foam? If we could look at the fabric of space and time on incredibly small scales, some have suggested that we would see a churning, tumultuous environment called the "quantum foam." But what is it? Brian Greene explains. By: World Science U.


Calabri-Yau manifold -- the representation of the 10 dimensions necessary at the string level of quantum physics.


Perhaps what Nikola Tesla calls "the core" is what Nassim Haramein and others call the vacuum or SPACE itself, otherwise known over time as: aether, plenum, zero point field, source field, quantum foam, creator, god or whatever you want to call the very fabric of the universe... We need to learn how to tune our receivers (hearts and minds) to the fundamental frequencies of the universe and learn.. --Nassim Haramein


"Bell's theorem[...] proves that quantum theory requires connections that appear to resemble telepathic communication. ~ Gary Zukav


According to quantum physicists, there is no such thing as empty space - instead there is only a "quantum foam" everywhere. Using the latest telescopes from NASA, the race is on to find it. But the...

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