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Queen Of England Age

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She's shy, has a wicked wit and animals are really important to her: Ten personal insights into the Queen from Sir Roy Strong

She maybe the Queen of England and celebrating her Diamonds Jubilee, but she is a horsewomen and a Seasoned Rider too who is still riding.


Eleanor of Aquitaine (1122 or 1124 – 1 April 1204) was Queen Consort of France,and also Queen Consort of England. She was one of the most powerful women in Middle Ages. In 1157 she gave birth to her favorite son Richard the Lionheart. She outlived all her children except for King John and Eleanor, Queen of Castile. Eleanor of Aquitaine was renowned for her powerful personality and leading her sons in rebellion against their father, King Henry II.


Lady Jane Grey. Queen of England for nine days. She was convicted of high treason in 1553, at age 16 or 17, and beheaded. #Tudor #JaneGrey

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Who Were the Plantagenet Queens of England?

Isabelle de France (v. 1295 à Paris-22 août 1358), reine consort d'Angleterre, était la seule fille parmi les enfants survivants de Philippe IV le Bel et de son épouse Jeanne de Champagne, reine de Navarre. Elle fut reine et épouse d’Édouard II d’Angleterre.

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Longevity Top 10: The Longest Reigns in English History

Elizabeth I of England, the Armada Portrait, 1588. This portrait commemorates the defeat of the mighty Spanish Armada, which is shown in the background. Elizabeth has her hand on a globe, symbolizing her international power.


Eleanor of Aquitaine (1122 or 1124 – April 1, 1204) - One of the wealthiest and most powerful women in Western Europe during the High Middle Ages. One tough chick, generally speaking.


My favorite Queen of them all was Queen Elizabeth 1 - The later years of Elizabeth's reign are sometimes referred to as a Golden Age.


Anne I (1702-1714) she was the first monarch to see a single parliament for both England and Scotland. She was fond of food and addicted to brandy. She had 17 children but they all died as babies apart from William but he died at the age of 11.