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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: The 10 Most Evil Queens of All

Queen of The Damned (film, 2002) - Vampire Queen Akasha - worst vampire ever.. But check the rabbit hole for other movies we missed!


So Tristan I'm dead. This guy who sees himself only as bad, and destructive, has gotten to a point where he's all too happy to be told how awful he is. It validates him, vindicates these feelings he has about himself. It's a masochistic relief for him.


Marius. Anne Rice's Vampires. (Vincent Perez in 2004 Queen of the Damned) No.1 Reason Not to be Trusted: kept the King & Queen of the Damned secret for centuries, and wanted to keep them all to himself.


queen of the damned...if you're looking for a remake of Anne Rice's book...this is not for you. If you want to see a vampire struggling to survive immortality, and screwing it'll enjoy the missteps and the perfectly haunted soundtrack