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Os Romanov e da Casa de Windsor vida útil da Rainha Victoria: tempo de vida de 1819-1901 Prince Albert: 1840-1861 Filhos: Edward VII | Victoria, princesa real, a princesa Alice do Reino Unido | Princesa Beatriz de Reino Unido | Alfred, Duque de Saxe-Coburg Gotha & | Princesa Helena | Princesa Louise, Duquesa de Argyll | Príncipe Arthur, duque de Connaught | Leopoldo, Duque de Albany


862 Emperor Frederick III of Germany with his wife, Empress Victoria, and their children, Prince William and Princess Charlotte by Franz Xavier Winterhalter (Royal Collection) Victoria, Princess Royal, daughter of Queen Victoria.


Portrait photograph of Queen Victoria, 1893 Being a daughter of Queen Victoria was like playing an endless game of musical chairs - there was always one who was out of favour. There was always a favourite, too. Victoria's changes of mind were bewildering and her rages could be terrifying. She was not only her children's mother but also their sovereign and she never let them forget it.


Queen Victoria's Schleswig-Holstein grandchildren, Prince Christian Victor, Princess Helena Victoria, and Prince Albert in front. Princess Marie Louise standing in back. Of these grandchildren only one, Prince Albert, had children, but his daughter was illegitimate and placed with a foster family soon after birth, effectively ending Helena's branch of Queen Victoria's family tree.