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Os Romanov e da Casa de Windsor vida útil da Rainha Victoria: tempo de vida de 1819-1901 Prince Albert: 1840-1861 Filhos: Edward VII | Victoria, princesa real, a princesa Alice do Reino Unido | Princesa Beatriz de Reino Unido | Alfred, Duque de Saxe-Coburg Gotha & | Princesa Helena | Princesa Louise, Duquesa de Argyll | Príncipe Arthur, duque de Connaught | Leopoldo, Duque de Albany

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Among the presents received by Queen Victoria for her Diamond Jubilee in 1897 was a brooch from current and former members of her personal staff. Queen Victoria was delighted with her Household's gift - delighted enough to designate it as Crown property.

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Queen Victoria Golden Jubilee Necklace - In 1887, the "Women of the British Empire" each gave between a penny and a pound to provide a celebratory memorial for the Queen's fifty years on the throne. The design is of diamond trefoils, each with a pearl centre. The centre piece is a quatrefoil of diamonds with pearl centre and drop pendant. Surmounting it is a pearl/ diamond crown. It is possible to detach the centre piece wear as a pendant. Queen Victoria left the necklace to the Crown in…

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The 10 Most Incredible Sapphire Tiaras of All Time

Queen Victoria's Sapphire and Diamond Crown - Now is a part of the collection of the Lascelles family. It was one of four tiaras that Prince Albert had created for Queen Victoria. In 1922 George V gave the coronet to Princess Mary as a wedding gift. The tiara has been seen being worn by members of the Earl of Harewood.

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Young Princess Victoria ~ She inherited the throne aged 18, after her father's three elder brothers had all died, leaving no surviving legitimate children.

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When Victoria met Albert: Tender letter reveals how Queen fell in love with her prince

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