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Avocado Black Bean Quesadillas


Healthy Spinach and Brie Skillet Quesadilla, Under 250 Calories

Healthy Spinach and Brie Skillet Quesadilla, Under 250 Calories. This crunchy, cheesy, flavorful recipe is perfect if you’re looking for a healthy, single serving sized meal you can make make in just one skillet, no fancy equipment necessary (plus, it’s a nice vegetarian recipe you can add to your collection)! Enjoy as a snack, for breakfast, as an appetizer, or whenever! | | @SeasonlyBlog


10 Minute Black Bean and Corn Quesadillas

10 Minute Black Bean & Corn Quesadillas These are super tasty and filling! Makes for a great dinner when you are lazy or don't have an time to cook.


10 Comfort Foods Under 500 Calories

Black beans are a protein-packed, delicious and relatively low-cal filling in just about any Mexican concoction.


10 Minute Black Bean and Corn Quesadillas

These black bean quesadillas are one of my favorite things to make for lunch! They are quick, simple, and ready in 10 minutes or less! I like to make the filling ahead of time, and cook them up throughout the week, or even better-freeze them so they are ready to cook when I need a quick and healthy meal that is absolutely delicious! You could put your own spin on these quesadillas by adding shredded chicken, or whatever veggie you would like! Enjoy!


Black Bean Spinach Quesadilla

Family-friendly black bean spinach quesadillas make for a delicious and quick meatless Monday meal. This recipe, courtesy of the Calories In, Calories Out Cookbook, calls for black beans, fresh bab...


Bacon and Egg Breakfast Quesadilla

At only 300 calories per serving, this decadent bacon and egg breakfast quesadilla packs a whopping 36 grams of protein, enough to power your whole morning!