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from Elite Daily

Research Says People Who Quit Facebook Are Much Happier Than Regular Users

Good news, Facebook quitters. This is so true. I've had mine deactivated for almost 2 weeks and I've never been happier...seriously!!!


I invested and wasted 8 yrs of my life writing status updates, posting pictures, and have very little to show for it. What I learned is Facebook has a large population of folks who like to brag, like to stalk, people who need constant attention, and also quite a few who are looking to have an affair because they are either unhappy, jealous, or mentally ill! I am a peaceful person, and I got no peace of mind from facebook. I got sucked into so much drama that was never mine to begin with!

from mindbodygreen

Science Says You Should Probably Quit Facebook. Here's Why

After just a week, 88% of those who had quit Facebook said they felt "happy," compared to 81% of those who continued using the social network.


God doesn't care how many scriptures you put on Facebook or how many bible verses you have memorized. He cares how you treat people. So quit being a hypocrite.