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I am not Depressed

One day my mother-in-law, found out I had depression. She called me up and said, "Just try not to think about it." To this day I have no idea what "it" was! I have no reasons to be depressed. Quite the opposite really.

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After all the things that has happened to me now this I litterally don't know what happy feels like anymore

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Top 30 sad Quotes

and I was the strongest bravest toughest person she know, wish I was stronger for you. I know you worried so much about me,we shared some special moments on sleepless nights, I miss u

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The truth about getting close to me: you'll not just see me when I'm all smiles, but also when I'm depressed and done with the world for the day. Will it scare you away? Or will you stay with me until I smile again?

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